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Updated: Mar 31, 2019

This week, I welcome guest writer Bella Spry, our dear daughter, as she writes a movie review:

I first read the book Unplanned a few years ago. Seeing this story on the big screen made it really come to life.

The movie Unplanned opened this weekend. It is about former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson who, after years of counseling women to have them, actually saw an abortion performed. She held the ultrasound on the woman’s abdomen, guiding the abortionist as he suctioned the baby out of her. Seeing this changed her life. (HERE is an animated depiction of a surgical abortion like Johnson saw.)

Although I already knew of the horrors of abortion, the movie opened my eyes to what happens inside of an abortion clinic. Many women who enter the clinic have no idea of the consequences that lie ahead if they abort. And they are not counseled honestly, instead they are misled, told the baby is “just a blob of tissue”.

Johnson revealed that she was complicit in the death of 22,000 children during her eight-year tenure at Planned Parenthood. The movie clearly depicts the anguish she experienced over this, including her own two deeply personal losses. She acknowledges participating in the death of her first two children, the first by surgical abortion and the second by an agonizing chemical abortion.

Unplanned revealed to me just how many lies are fed to the women who get abortions. Although, at times, the movie was painful to watch, it was very eye-opening. Abby Johnson’s story is sad yet redemptive. It brings joy to see how someone went through a transformation such as this. Seeing this amazing movie was a very emotional, informative experience.

Bella Spry, age 14, loves God, family, friends, nature, books and theatre. One day, she'd like to act on screen/stage. She wants to own a German Shepherd and black cat, at the same time. She looks forward to being a wife and mother.



  1. It’s not really a baby yet.

  2. Feelings (fear/shame) matter more than facts.

  3. Some women are just not capable OR ready OR able to provide.

  4. Ending the pregnancy will fix things.

  5. "I could never give away my child."

  6. "I don't need forgiveness for having one or participating in abortion." Or, "God could never forgive me."

corresponding TRUTH

  1. Preborn humans are persons from conception. Abortion destroys a human person.

  2. Love is a fact and action, surmounting fear.

  3. Women are strong, resilient and resourceful. There is a wonderful network of people who support pregnant women. This is the same amazing network of people who support parents. Any woman who wants to place her child has families waiting to support her through adoption.

  4. Abortion is a permanent solution to a temporary situation. Abortion leaves lasting scars.

  5. Abortion is a selfish act of child sacrifice. Adoption is a selfless act—not giving away, rather allowing another to raise/love your child in your stead. Read stories of those selfless individuals HERE.

  6. The result of abortion includes a heavy weight to bear. There is always forgiveness when repentant. God is merciful. There are loving people to talk to about it.


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Tracy Kubica Stuart
Tracy Kubica Stuart

What an eye opener for me. I have always been confident on my pro-life stance but never knew the lies and deceptions being fed to these very venerable women. I never knew there was a "POC" room. This one made my heart sink and tears were flowing. I never realized that one employment position with the Planned Parenthood Organization was putting the pieces of children back together that were already aborted to ensure that the entire baby was aborted and none accidentally left behind in the mother's womb. How sad and is that?

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