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noun a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; point of view;

true understanding of the relative importance of things; a sense of proportion

A slug on a dead oak leaf next to Scott's gloved thumb ~ Paris, Michigan

Whenever we are allowed to see things differently than we usually do, it’s an opportunity for growth. Sometimes it’s a wake up call. Too often we embrace normalcy bias, believing that things will go on—day in and day out—as they always have.

Inevitably, this cannot be true. We have moments throughout life—like now—when we realize how quickly everything can change, for better and for worse. It’s easy to enjoy positive changes—a marriage partner, a baby, a new job or house. What we do with ourselves and others in the crises is what truly forms and refines us.

Being clay instead of the potter is messy and uncomfortable. Are we moldable? Or stiff? Are we self-reliant or do we look to the Lord for solace and strength. Are we others-centered? Or self-centered? When able, do we seek to serve or to be served?

Corona has put a new spin on reality, giving us pause to consider what really matters. What are you learning in this highly unusual time? Please share in the comment section below, others will benefit.

The mystery Corona-virus look-alike tree bud from my last post? Maple! While on a walk with me in Waterford, Michigan, Scott smartly picked up a dead leaf from under the tree, easily identifying it.


We are extremely blessed to have a second home in northwest Michigan at which to stay safe. It is on lovely property in the Manistee National Forest and is full of beautiful trees, plants, animals and birds. Each season offers special gifts and spring is no exception!

This dead leaf got in the way of my photo of a delicate moss, a tiny forest of miniature pine trees

The last month has been maple syruping time. There are few places on this planet Scott Spry would rather be than in these woods. He is becoming a sugarmaker extraordinaire as he learns the nuance of collecting and boiling down maple sap.

Photo Essay, from Tree to Waffle

From left, Grade A, B and S, for Scott's Super-Awesome Maple Syrup
Sugarmaker Scott does not eat waffles--this did not stop him from enjoying his maple syrup

Funny Not Funny




wit, irony, or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly

If you don't follow "The Bee", you might want to start...lots of snark and #truth

During this coronavirus pandemic when we are all making sacrifices for the greater good—foregoing non-essential surgeries and medical care—there are some who believe themselves to be above the law, ignoring stay home orders to continue killing babies. But then, this is not terribly surprising, as abortion during non-pandemic times is just as despicable, a blatant disregard of moral law.

Abortion businesses around the country continue to welcome mothers to terminate their babies despite the risk of spreading the virus and the scarcity of resources like gloves and masks.

Abortion is never medically necessary, though some would have us believe so. Abortion is an elective medical and/or surgical procedure that is not health care. Health care involves healing. Palliative care involves comfort. Abortion does neither. There is no such thing as a safe abortion. When it is successful, one person dies and the other is wounded and scarred for life.

“In the wake of calls for medical supplies and fear of exposure to dangerous pathogens, governors in Ohio, Texas, Iowa, Oklahoma and Alabama ordered abortion clinics to close. The clinics objected, of course, and several sympathetic courts stayed the directives. Thankfully, just yesterday (3/31/20), the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily reinstated the ban in Texas. But in all 49 other states, abortions continue – while countless medical professional risk their own lives to save those stricken by the coronavirus." ~ Jim Daly, of Focus on the Family


On March 31, 15 City of Detroit Police Officers surrounded one man who was alone on a sidewalk at Scotsdale Women’s Center, an abortion mill at 19305 West Seven Mile Road in Detroit. The man was calling out to mothers and fathers, warning them, telling them the truth of the gospel, urging them to protect their baby, all the while as he practiced social distancing.

According to the American Freedom Law Center —a national, public interest law firm: “Andrew Belanger was adhering to the social distancing measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, specifically including remaining at least six feet from people on the public sidewalks when engaging in expressive pro-life activities.”

The police issued a misdemeanor offense citation stating he was violating Governor Whitmer’s executive order to stay at home despite the fact that the order expressly provides exceptions for individuals who want to use the public sidewalks “[t]o engage in outdoor activity, including walking, hiking, running, cycling, or any other recreational activity consistent with remaining at least six feet from people . . . .” (AFLC)

Subsequently, the AFLC has filed a civil rights lawsuit against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the City of Detroit, challenging the constitutionality of the governor’s executive order 2020-21 (“Shelter in Place” Order) as applied to criminalize the free speech activity of peaceful, pro-life protestors.

AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel Robert Muise commented:

“The scope of our lawsuit and request for a restraining order are narrow. We do not advance a general challenge to the constitutionality of the Governor’s Executive Order, nor do we seek to halt its enforcement outside of the very limited and narrow scope of our challenge. We understand the critical need to stop the spread of the corona virus, as do our clients, who are adhering to the social distancing guidelines. Through this litigation, we only seek to prohibit the use of the Executive Order to criminalize our clients’ peaceful, free speech activity on the public sidewalks outside of abortion centers throughout Michigan. Indeed, under the current enforcement of this Order, our clients’ First Amendment activity is a crime. Yet, an individual could use the very same sidewalk to walk, hike, run, cycle or engage in other similar recreational activity without receiving a criminal citation for doing so. This our Constitution does not permit.”

AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel David Yerushalmi added:

“If the stated purpose of the Executive Order is true—that it was issued ‘to sustain or protect life’—then Governor Whitmer should order the immediate closure of all abortion centers throughout the state. Indeed, there is little doubt that abortion will be responsible for killing more human lives this year in the United States alone than COVID-19 will kill in the entire world during the course of this current pandemic.”

On Friday, Scott and I spent a little time on the sidewalk in front of an abortion mill at 6765 Orchard Lake Road, doing the same as Belanger. We have both hoped and prayed for years that this place of death near our home would close, and given the current crisis, thought this abortionist might choose to honor the governor’s order halting non-essential business.

We were met with a parking lot of cars with more to enter, indicating more than 10 people were in the space of this small building. Business as usual, babies being scheduled to die. The abortionist did not arrive before we left, so likely these women and babies were being cued up for Saturday, usually a busy kill day.

As we walked and prayed, I was able to call out to a few women: “Your baby is counting on you! God loves you and your baby. Please protect your baby.” If someone had approached, I would have gladly kept my distance and had a conversation the same way most of us have been having with neighbors and friends—at least six feet apart.

Two West Bloomfield Police officers pulled up in a squad car, inquiring why we were there, didn’t we know they were closed. “They should be closed, but they aren’t,” I replied, concerned.

“We’ll let our sergeant know, thanks,” they replied. “Be safe.”

And we were safe, thanks in part to them, and also to the Lord’s continual merciful presence. Another police squad car soon pulled across the street and parked facing our direction.

Later that day, Scott called the West Bloomfield Police Department, explaining who he was and what he had observed—non-essential business continuing as usual despite the governor's stay-at-home order. The officer he spoke with said, “They are allowed to be open because they provide services other than those things.”

He wouldn’t use the word abortion. Neither do most of these businesses’ signs.“Pregnancy tests” and “birth control pills” are code for pregnancy termination at abortion mills. Abortion is a shameful word. Abortion is a shame. Every baby deserve life just like her/his father and mother.


Pregnancy care centers--wonderful bastions of hope and support--are still caring for moms, dads and babies during this time. See how HERE. Thank you to all the amazing care center directors who are managing new policies to safely continue serving women at this time.


Have you recently thanked a nurse or grocery worker? Sending my love and admiration to two who are near and dear to me. Front-line health care providers and grocers, YOU ROCK!!

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I very much enjoyed reading your perspectives. Keep writing my friend!

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