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Why Mothers Should Protect Their Babies

Minutes after Isabella Marie Spry was born, Scott holds his fourth-born, September 2004

Some babies are adorable. Some, maybe not so much. When my husband was born, his grandfather exclaimed that he was the ugliest baby he had ever seen. Decide for yourself...

His grandfather loved him anyway. And had Scott never transformed into the handsome man he became, his grandfather would have loved him anyway. (Below, Scott with his Uncle Bert, 1967)

How a baby appears to us or whether he or she comes at a convenient time or was conceived in love or hate or has all her or his parts or is the gender we desired, is truly irrelevant to whether we protect and nurture him or her. We should not kill babies for one simple reason: it is wrong. There is only ONE issue. What IS the unborn? We all must answer this to move forward with deciding if it is ok to kill them.

Never--from the point of conception on--is a zygote, an embryo or a fetus, a "blob" of indiscriminate cells. From the instant the sperm and egg come together, we become a unique person who just needs time and protection to develop. (Read "Life Begins at Fertilization" at

There is a god that cares what you think about this. He is the one true God who will judge all the living and the dead. And it matters deeply to him how we treat the most vulnerable among us. So, if you happen to believe it's ok to kill a baby up until the first trimester, the second or the moment of birth, why stop there? In fact, secular philosopher and academic Peter Singer went that far when he said, “Killing a defective infant is not morally equivalent to killing a person. Sometimes it is not wrong at all." (Practical Ethics, 1979)

Where do we draw the line? That’s just it. Without God, the line is wherever we want it to be. Because without God, we all get to decide what is just and good and right. There are no moral absolutes. Anything goes. But moral relativism equals absolute chaos.

Which is why without legal personhood protection--even if Roe goes--depending on the whims of the citizenry of each state, babies will still be at risk of annihilation through abortion. And some states have crafted and are crafting wicked legislation to allow abortion until birth AND to decriminalize infanticide. Why limit the killing to before birth only?

Just as President Vladimir Zelensky has pleaded with the world on behalf of the Ukranian people—not just with words, but with pictures, I plead with you…is this (see the following article) how we want to behave and be remembered?

Mothers, fathers, PEOPLE, let's protect the most vulnerable among us! It takes a village, yes, but it begins with loving parents who will protect their unborn. Dear mothers, abortionists only take what is given to them. Thousands of loving families are willing to adopt the children whose mothers instead sacrifice them to abortion.


Pro-life group says bodies of five aborted babies in DC obtained from medical waste truck driver

By Cassy Fiano-Chesser | April 5, 2022, 02:34pm From LiveAction

A press conference was held on Tuesday regarding the recovery of the bodies of five aborted children in Washington, D.C., in late March. As Live Action News previously reported, pro-life activists from Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) were involved in the discovery of the children’s bodies. It has now been confirmed that the apartment from which the bodies were recovered is that of Lauren Handy, director of activism for PAAU. The group contends that they obtained the box containing the babies’ remains from a Curtis Bay Energy driver who had been sent to the abortion facility to pick up medical waste.

How the bodies were discovered and recovered

“I’m an atheist, I’m a leftist, and I’m the founder and executive director of PAAU,” activist Terrisa Bukovinac stated at the start of the press conference. “On Friday, March 25, the Day of the Unborn Child, Lauren Handy and I went to Washington Surgicenter to engage in anti-abortion advocacy. Upon arrival, we saw a truck labeled ‘Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services’ parked outside.” Bukovinac explained that she and Handy approached the driver because they saw two large boxes marked with biohazard symbols about to be loaded. They asked the driver if he knew what was in the boxes. The driver said he did not, so they informed him they were likely filled with the bodies of aborted babies and asked if they could take one of them.

“After he confirmed the boxes were from Washington [Surgi-Center], I asked him, ‘Would you get in trouble if we took one of these boxes?'” Bukovinac continued. “And he asked, ‘What would you do with them if you took one?’ Lauren said we would give them a proper burial and a funeral.” After a moment, the driver told them it was OK, so they brought the box to Handy’s apartment.

With a Catholic deacon present, Handy cut open the box, which contained a red plastic bag. Inside were the remains of 110 children, mostly in the first trimester. Underneath that was a plastic bag, containing the five children who seemingly underwent late abortions, and whom experts have stated were likely babies who could have survived outside the womb.

The first was a “beautiful, intact baby boy,” whom the group named Christopher X. “I think I can speak for both Lauren and I, that this was the most devastating and soul-crushing experience of our lives,” Bukovinac said. “Not even years of anti-abortion advocacy could have prepared us for that moment. And it’s a moment that will live on for us for all of time.”

They also discovered four more babies, including an intact baby girl whom they named Harriet; she had one eye open and an incision in the back of her neck. Two other babies, both dismembered, were given the names Angel and Holly. The final baby, whole and still in the amniotic sac, was named Phoenix. While some later abortionists use feticide to cause cardiac arrest and prevent a live birth, Cesare Santangelo, the owner and abortionist at Washington Surgi-Center, admitted in a Live Action undercover investigator in 2013 that he does not use feticide.

Warning: Disturbing images below.

“Because of this admission, and the advance gestational age of these babies and their intact condition, the likelihood that some were born alive is undeniable,” Bukovinac said. “Additionally, the injuries sustained by Harriet strongly imply she was the victim of a partial-birth abortion.”

This assessment is supported by experts interviewed by Live Action News.

Handy and Bukovinac arranged for a funeral Mass to be held for all 115 babies; the 110 smaller (likely aborted in the first-trimester) children were then taken to an undisclosed location for a respectful burial. Meanwhile, the activists spent the next three days trying to find an independent pathologist to confirm their suspicions regarding the five later abortion victims, and coordinated with police to have the bodies picked up so their deaths could be investigated. Instead, Handy was arrested by the FBI on March 30; police did not arrive until hours later. She and nine other pro-life activists have been indicted on federal charges for allegedly violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act in 2020.

“Today, I stand in solidarity with Lauren, and the eight other defendants, who are facing harsh incarceration penalties under the FACE Act, for simply protecting the victims of violent oppression at Santangelo’s clinic,” Bukovinac concluded. “And while these heroes are being unjustly prosecuted, Santangelo continues to kill babies and exploit their parents for profit, as he has done for decades. This must end. We are demanding that the D.C. police conduct a full investigation into the deaths of these babies, including thorough autopsies. We demand the U.S. Department of Justice prosecute Santangelo for violations of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act and the Partial Birth Abortion Act. And we’re demanding it now. And in an effort to keep our promise to the Curtis Bay whistleblower, we demand a proper burial for the remaining five children, post autopsy. Pro-life Americans will not stay silent in the face of such aggressive and barbarous violence, and we will diligently work until the American abortion industrial complex is fully disarmed and dismantled.”

During the press conference, Handy gave an emotional testimony. “I made a promise of a funeral and burial,” she said. “It has been my desire since the beginning, since March 25th through the whole process, to ensure these children’s dignity were uplifted and respected.”

She explained that the five older babies, named Phoenix, Harriet, Christopher X, Angel, and Holly, were the victims of violent federal crimes, due to the pattern of their wounds. They arranged for the medical examiner to pick up the bodies.

Photographs depicting the heartbreaking situation are being shared, because, Bukovinac said, “We believe it is the right of these victims to have their full stories told. That means showing the reality of what abortion did to them.”

Baby girl #1 – “Harriet”

Baby “Phoenix”

Baby boy #1 – “Christopher X”

In Michigan: A Radical Proposal

"The Reproductive Freedom for All constitutional amendment is not about reproductive freedom, which already exists. Planned Parenthood and the ACLU’s amendment would radically distort Michigan’s Constitution to create a new unlimited right to abortion, which would spill over and affect many other issues.

This poorly-worded amendment would repeal dozens of state laws, including our state’s ban on tax-funded abortions, the partial-birth abortion ban, and fundamentally alter the parent-child relationship by preventing parents from having input on their children’s health."

Michiganders, WARNING: DO NOT SIGN this wicked petition currently being circulated and, reportedly, being deceitfully misrepresented by paid canvassers. For the love of people, do not sign it.

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There is ALWAYS forgiveness and healing.

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